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Brene' Brown's Dare to Lead Takes a Deep Dive into Leadership Development

Brene' Brown's work has enriched my life both personally and professionally. Her latest book, Dare to Lead takes her research to another level and applies it to leadership development. Her concept of leading from hurt versus leading from heart and describing the attributes of each integrates with Goleman's emotional intelligence, Covey's trust behaviors and so much more. The book continues her study of being brave and what it takes to be a vulnerable whole-hearted leader; it is a great follow up to her previous book Braving the Wilderness (which is also a fabulous read.) I continue to be inspired by Brown and this latest book is a true deep dive and an incredibly important and impactful piece of work for those who lead.

On March 20, 8:30am, I will be facilitating a discussion exploring Dare to Lead concepts, sponsored by the Vermont Chapter of the Association for Talent Development. It is at Lane Press in South Burlington. I hope you will join me. You can register at the Vermont ATD website and click on Upcoming Programs.

For more information about Brene' Brown's latest book, go to her December 2018 blog post.

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